Size Matters!

We are the right size

Does size matter? You bet! When we commit to a project, we know we are the right size to do the types of work that you need. Individuals from FREEDOM will give you technical excellence by senior people who are flexible and committed, have great communications skills, and upon whom you will be able to rely with a minimum of oversight.

Typically, very few key personnel are utilized to manage and execute projects for most clients. With that concept in mind, we realized that a small company that delivers superior client service through senior environmental professionals is preferable to the promise of thousands of people in a large company that will never work on your project.

Quality Assured

  • Technical AbilitiesWe know our strengths. What we do, we do well and we do it every day.

  • People SkillsSmall companies are about people with people skills. The greatest technical work in the world is no good to a client if they can’t interact effectively with clients to learn their needs, wants and priorities. Our people are masters of this important skill. That’s why many of our clients have been loyal to us for more than 25 years!

  • Team Attitude Each person is responsible for client satisfaction and we understand the importance of working together to meet the client’s goals and objectives.

  • Personal Flexibility We know that we must be flexible to accommodate the day-to-day fluctuations in workloads that occur naturally in all companies.