About Us

Rick Luce, our Founder, started Freedom Environmental Consultants in 2001 with the commitment to provide all of its clients with consistent and responsive personal service.  Our goal is to work together to identify and implement common-sense and cost-effective solutions for all of your environmental needs.

FREEDOM personnel are dedicated senior environmental professionals who will deliver superior client service.  For every project, you will get technical excellence, flexible and committed staffing and great communication.  And, you’ll be able to interact with the same people project after project giving you the ability to develop strong relationships on which you’ll be able to rely with a minimum of oversite.

Mission Statement

Freedom will provide comprehensive environmental consulting services to clients who value long-term relationships and for whom, we can “share the load”. We will provide exceptional service and high-level communication to all clients, with quality deliverables on a timely basis and at a fair price.

Quality Assured

  • Technical Abilities: We know our strengths. What we do, we do well and we do it every day.

  • People Skills: Small companies are about people with good people skills.  The greatest technical work in the world is not good if a consultant can’t interact effectively with clients to learn their needs, wants and priorities.  Our people are masters of this important skill.  That’s why many of our clients have been loyal to us for more than 25 years.

  • Team Attitude: Each FREEDOM employee is responsible for client satisfaction and we understand the importance of working together to meet the client’s goals and objectives.

  • Personal Flexibility: We know that we must be flexible to accommodate the day-to-day fluctuations in workloads that occur naturally in all companies.